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Towel Day is an annual celebration on the 25th of May, as a tribute to the late author Douglas Adams (1952-2001). On that day, fans around the universe carry a towel in his honour.

I love Douglas Adams! How can I get involved?

  • Help spread the word about Towel Day (#towelday): tweet, blog, post in forums, share a link in Facebook, make art, etc.

  • Tell us about events you organize on Towel Day, and we will announce them here!

  • On Towel Day, carry a towel. Where? Everywhere.

  • Proudly show the world you've observed Towel Day! Post for example a photo or video with your towel on the Towel Day Facebook page and enjoy other people's. Some alternatives are the Flickr group for pictures and of course YouTube for videos.

What is happening on Towel Day 2024?

This list is just getting started and very incomplete. Know about any Towel Day events we should add? Please mail us!


  • On the forum, a community of 44780 gamers, writers and artists who love to role play, there's a proposal to create a thread for Towel Day art submissions and perhaps a little art museum based on H2G2. This is a good example of something you can do if you're very active in a forum where many Douglas Adams fans may be found!



  • In Perth, the observatory hosts a Towel Day Night Tour! Bring your towel and come to the Perth Observatory for an unforgettable night! Our volunteers will be ready to take you on a grand tour of the Southern Hemisphere's sky with a wide range of targets including nebulae, planets, dying stars, and enormous star clusters. As Douglas Adams wrote, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitchhiker can have. Book your tickets here!
    RSVP and details on Facebook
  • In Copenhagen, The Social Geek CPH once more hosts a picnic (if weather allows) in a park. They're hoping to enjoy the outdoors and the sun with some hoopy froods. Save the Date for this special SATURDAY Towel Day. Details and RSVP on and on Facebook
  • In Berlin at 20:00 Towel Day is celebrated at C-base, a non-profit association for learning about software, hardware and networks. This tradition has been going on for over a decade now. Music, visualizations, drinks and games related to Douglas Adams... and the reveal of ShaderAmp 1.0! Details
  • In Rotterdam, from 17:40-23:40, fans of Douglas Adams and/or Terry Pratchett are welcome at Cafe Pardoen, Spaansekade 62. Bring a towel, wear the lilac. In honour of Douglas Adams and Terry Pratchett. Rotterdam Editie The 9th Edition will feature: Pangalactic Gargleblasters, Vogon Poetry Contest, Dwarfish Battle Bread Battle, Elvish Impersonation Contest, Dirk Gently's Holistic Treasure Hunt and much, much more! Prizes galore!" Details and RSVP on Facebook
  • In London, at 14:30 (2:30pm), at Gunnersbury Park Museum, documentary director, writer and animator Kevin Jon Davies will discuss all things "Hitchhikers" with actor David Learner ("Marvin the Paranoid Android"). There will also be the opportunity to see a display of original cels from the BBC series' BAFTA winning animation sequences. Get your tickets here!
  • The next day in Cambridge at 13:00 at the railway station, David Haddock awaits you for his traditional Douglas Adams themed Cambridge Tour. RSVP and details on Facebook
  • In Roswell, NM, Roswell Galacticon presents Roswell Towel Day, at the Roswell Convention Center! Special Guest: Odfel as Trillian!
    Planned Events include: Vogon Poetry reading, Dinner Theatre @ The End of The Universe, Odfel workshop, more cosplay, vendors...
    There's also an informal Vogon poetry event on Friday night.
  • In Wayne, MI, from 12.30pm to 1.30pm you can join the Wayne Public Library as they paint and stamp towels, so you'll always know where your towel is! Source
  • In Pittsburgh, PA, at 5pm Melanie Todoroff hosts a Karaoke BBQ called "Karaoke BBQ 8: The BBQ at the end of the Universe". If you want to attend, you need to contact Melanie first (we imagine space is limited). Hey all you Hoopy Froods, grab your towel and head on over to the first karaoke BBQ of the year, which happens to fall on Towel Day!
    • bring your towel and a dish to pass and/or whatever you want to drink
    • karaoke by Parioke
    • pangalactic gargle blaster cocktails by Eric
    • dogs and burgers, vegan options provided
    • game TBA
    • hitchhikers guide playing outside
    Details and RSVP on Facebook AND PLEASE GET IN TOUCH via Facebook Messenger at Melanie Todoroff or if you want to come.

This list is just getting started and very incomplete. Know about any Towel Day events we should add? Please mail us!

Want to organize a Towel Day event? Inspiration can be found in the Archives

Featured video: Mostly Harmless - a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy cocktail for Towel Day, by Angrycocktails

Thank you for being part of this & always remember: DON'T PANIC

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