Tobbe "Kojv" Landin


Kojv (Tobbe Landin, from Sweden) probably did more than anyone else to keep the Towel Day tradition alive from 2004-2008. After the original website vanished, he created a new site at He hosted the Towel Day forum, where he was affectionately known as "Father Kojv".

He unexpectedly died on 15 November 2008, only 30 year old. Though a funeral service was held in 2008, we were informed that his ashes would be buried in 2009, on the day that was so important to him.

This obituary appeared in a local newspaper:

Obituary from a local newspaper


My beloved husband
My everything
born on 26 October 1978
has suddenly left us
in Borlänge
on 15 November 2008

Mom and Dad
Relatives and friends
Robert, Vilja

Occasionally time stops for a while
and something completely unexpected happens
The world changes every day
but sometimes it will never be the same again.
-- Alf Henrikson

The funeral service will take place in the Stora Tuna burial chapel on Saturday 6 December at 12:00


He will be missed.

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